How can I export and import condoms

Exporting condoms from Iran to the whole world

Brands and quality

You can choose from existing brands or customize it.

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How to order and shipping

How to order and the ways of shipping  is different for different countries

Three large private factories in Iran with high production capacity are ready to produce and export to the whole world.(which are managed by private sector and the owner of the factories belongs to a person and not the government of Iran)

Did you know that Iran is the fifth producer of condoms in the world?

The Middle East has a population of 500 million people, and Iran is one of the few industrialized countries in the Middle East producing condoms, and after China, India, Malaysia, and the United States, it is the fifth producer and exporter of condoms in the world.

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What are the shipping methods?

How to ship your order depends on your choice and destination country – Molina company has the possibility of shipping by rail, air, sea (Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea) to the whole world.

Is it possible to send a sample for testing?

Definitely  – Molina Group can send you a number of products as samples (the product is sent for free, but the shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer or the recipient of the product)

What products can be ordered?

All kinds of condoms with the brands (Codex, kapoot and X-Dream), as well as intercourse gels, pregnancy tests, delay sprays, massage oil etc.

What information and in what language is included on the product?

All the information about kodex and Kapoot condoms are written on the packaging in four languages: Arabic, English, Russian, and Farsi.

And the X-Dream brand is included in both Farsi and English languages.

Information such as: product performance, standards, tests done in the factory, etc.

How is shipping condoms and sex aid to Iraq?

Shipping to Iraq is done within a week and can be delivered over land to most Iraqi cities.

How is the ordering method and the buyer-seller communication way?

Purchases are made both in-person and online

If you wish to buy in person, you can make a buyer’s representative with prior arrangement to buy, confirm the order and ship the goods.

But if you want to buy online, you can contact our colleagues in the support department by sending a message to Telegram and WhatsApp line at +989212920650 and confirm your order online.

How to pay for the purchased item?

The method of payment is different for buyers from different countries – but in general, due to the fact that Iran is on the list of banking sanctions, it is not possible to open a SWIFT account, and it is possible to transfer money before shipping and settlement through an authorized exchange. Buyers can visit a representative in person and purchase and pay in cash

Where is the country of Iran?


Iran is a country in the continent of Asia and the Middle East, in the neighborhood of countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, which is seven times the size of Japan and ten times the size of England.

With a population of 85 million, an industrial country where more than 95% of the products consumed by Iranians are produced inside Iran.

It is connected to the Caspian Sea from the north and the Persian Gulf from the south and is considered a bridge between the West and the East

Iran ranks first to third in the world in the export of important products such as pistachios, saffron, carpets, caviar, blue salt, etc.

Iran is the hub of condom production among the Middle East countries, and because of the quality of the products, it is always highly popular among the Arab countries and the Middle East

How is the quality of the product?

Manufactured condoms are produced with fully automatic machines and in cooperation with reputable Malaysian, German and English companies, and all international tests are performed before and after production on the raw materials and the production process.

Fast and convenient export of condoms to neighboring countries?

Exporting condoms to countries in the region is done easily and quickly. Countries like:

Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Kuwait, Syria, etc.


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